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Candid Mouton

Massage Therapy and Esthetics

I believe that beauty starts from the inside. Treating our bodies with loving care is essential to our well being. If good things go in.. then greater things reflect outward. If we take the time to care for our bodies.. our bodies will take care of us. I believe in using products that are in alignment with keeping our bodies as well as the earth preserved. I only provide services that help us to maintain our beauty with great balance, never with harsh chemical ingredients or procedures that put us at risk in our future. Sometimes all we need is a little down time to allow our bodies to rejuvenate and recover from the stresses of our daily lives. I look forward to serving you and providing you with the best care possible.

Candid Mouton

The Breakdown

In my 20's I managed retail for 12 years. I had allergies, headaches, lymphatic and hormonal imbalances. I never realized that my daily lifestyle which I thought was normal was breaking my body down. I went to an esthetician for my skin and my life was forever changed.

The Turning Point

After I decided to change my career path, I realized that it was my daily fast food diet, imbalanced work hours, my use of perfumed body products, and inhaling the bath products all day from the a joining store that was causing my illness that had become my norm. 

The choice to Live

Studying the use of essential oils, natural skin care products, alternative healing and Chinese medicine has brought me to a whole new understanding of how the body works and exactly what it needs. Just a few lifestyle changes can greatly increase your well being. All it takes is a choice.

My Gift

I strive to continue learning ways that I can help others to become healthy and live a cleaner, chemical free life. All my products and services have your health in mind. Its not just a massage or facial... its you making the choice to care for yourself, and give your body a break. I look forward to being a part of your journey.

Why Us?

Aveda Institute Graduate

Aveda Institute Educator

Licensed/ Insured Massage Therapist

Licensed Esthetician

Certified Lymphatic Therapist

Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Certified Reflexologist

Certified in occipital decompression

Certified BE leader - Dahn Yoga

Trained in accupressure and trigger point therapy

Caudalie service and retail provider